Scholarships & Grants

The Comer Foundation will award scholarships to children and youth to attend educational organizations described in Internal Revenue Code §501(c)(3).

The Comer Foundation will embark upon two paths in this regard.

  • The first program is one in which a scholarship will be awarded pursuant to an application process.
  • The second is through grants made by the Comer Foundation to children and youth based upon the organization’s own initiative to seek out qualified beneficiaries.

Both programs will use the same pre-established criteria.  The eligible recipients of the scholarships are not limited to a particular community, but in all likelihood will be provided chiefly to children and youth in the southeast Michigan community.

The scholarships will be made available primarily for college or similar level advanced education, but may include high school tuition, job training programs, or other educational curriculum leading to a degree or certificate.

Persons who are disqualified persons as to the Comer Foundation under IRC §4946 are not eligible to receive any grants.

The Comer Foundation will also provide support to other charitable causes and endeavors, as the Board of Directors determines and directs, and in a manner consistent with its tax-exempt charitable purposes.

The Comer Foundation may provide other direct support to persons who fall in a particular charitable class including, but not limited to, the elderly and the poor; or for the furtherance of charitable, educational or similar purposes.