Mission Statement:

The Comer Foundation is committed to the improvement of the Detroit area and surrounding communities by providing resources which support educational, economic and social development.

Pillars/Focus Areas:

  • Charitable Giving – Individuals, Organizations and Communities
  • Education – Math and Science
  • Strengthening Communities – Providing safe, clean learning environments
  • Partnership with the community – Providing a guide to economic stability and growth


The Comer Foundation was established in 2010 by Jimmie E. Comer.

The Comer Foundation was formed as a charitable organization with the goal of administering funds for charitable, educational and scientific purposes.  The Comer Foundation’s primary objective is to improve the well-being of children and youth in Detroit, Michigan and its surrounding communities.  The Comer Foundation believes that the well being of children and youth can be furthered through education.  It intends to accomplish its purpose by providing assistance to children and youth in the form of scholarships, educational equipment, and other forms of support as needed to enable them to gain an education beyond high school, principally through attending college.